He is open to trying my crazy ideas 😁

I have so many questions!! Its a crazy idea of mine I’ve been having and I finally...talked to my husband about it. I post anonymously because I have a lot of friends and family on here and I don’t want them knowing our sex life. So here it goes...

I have been wanting to introduce sex toys into our sex life for a while now. We’ve been together for over 10 years and I brought up the conversation last night. We do the most common sex positions I just want to try new things in bed. So he told me he was into tying me up and hitting me with a whip, chocking and all that. So I’m okay with that of course I want to try something new. He didn’t sound so excited about what I wanted though..I want sex toys like dildos, oils too, but plugs some type of vibrators that he could use on me and that we can both enjoy too. I’ve done some reading here and there and saw that some toys are not safe. Can you guys make suggestions for toys? Also how can I convince him about what I want? Do I need to give him what he wants first and then we later on try what I want?

We are planning on going to a store this weekend I’m looking forward for suggestions!!