Thinking about joining the military maybe?

I’m 20, I recently just found out I was pregnant and decided to not have it due to just really the way life is for me right now. My kind of boyfriend? I don’t know what to call him. My boyfriend that I haven’t talked to in a week because he “doesn’t know what he wants right now”, anyways is in the military and he doesn’t really do anything. He is in the air force and just plays on his phone and watches videos and does maybe like one job a day, I wouldn’t want to do what he does more than likely he just works on jets I believe. I’m in school currently but I am not entirely sure as to what I want to do career wise. I was doing nursing (switched), then dental (switched), then now pharmacy soon. I was wondering what it’s like to be in the military? Is it hard? How is basic training? What are your jobs? I don’t even know what you can do in the military, I know you can have whatever job you want basically and you can go to school and whatnot. I guess just tell me your experiences? Would it be possible to do pharmacy if I decide to go into the military? And what branch? So many questions.