Ok so I am embarrassed to even be posting this but does anyone else experience anger at their kids, even newborn? Tonight, for example, my newborn ate then has to be held upright for 30 mins bc of reflux. Once I put her in the bassinet she grunted and fussed (not cried) for 2 hours keeping me awake but her diaper is fine and every time I try to burp her or feed her she immediately sleeps like a rag doll. Rationally I know this is normal and she is adjusting and wanting to be held and yet I feel this irrational rage. I even cursed. I feel like this with my 3 year old sometimes too. I hate it and it makes me cry bc I feel so bad that I am angry at these innocent sweet babies. I didn't used to be this way. Does anyone else feel like this or am I just awful?!