So close.. 😂

C 🖤

We’ve been starting the process of potty training our son for a little while, so for a few weeks we’ve had his potty in his playroom, and he says whenever he needs to wee and sits on it with his nappy on. The past week he’s been pulling at his nappy a lot, so we’ve been giving him naked time where he’ll just sit on the potty for a few minutes at a time amongst playing or whatever. Today he was running around naked and pulling at himself and looking down so I kept casually asking every 5-10 minutes if he needed to wee and would he like to sit on the potty, which he did about half of the time. Whilst he was sat down on his throne just playing with a toy my phone rang, so I went to get it, and as soon as I was a few steps away I heard trickling. I spun around, so excited that he’d used the potty for the first time, and I see him standing up, looking at his feet getting splashed, before finishing off with a “whooooops! Wet feet” 😂 this kid, man.