Thought she would understand

So there's a lot of fighting going on with my family. I'm about 22 weeks pregnant. So this week I texted my mom to make her understand that everything that's going on isn't sitting well with me and since I buried my forst child, I'd like things to be different with this one. Told her I understand we grew up without my dad but I would like my child to have that side of his/her family.

My sister texts me today to tell me my mom is crying and depressed because she never expected me to blame her for my parents splitting. Mind you, my words never said that.

So here I am... About to have a baby and have no family support. At the moment my partner is my only support but we don't live together yet so, I'm on my own.

I've tried to apologize and explain what I meant with the message to which she texted me what sounded like a suicide text.

I've tried telling my siblings so they can keep a closer eye on her but everyone is blaming me for my mom's breakdown.

I've had no happy day since I found out I'm pregnant because of the constant fighting between the two families and now me and my mom.

If done is a feeling... Im there right now.