Overreacting or Justified

So I was scrolling through Facebook during my morning poop and I come across this meme my husband shared two days ago. Facebook shows me old news so I just saw it now.

Backstory: we’ve been together 5 years, married for 3 and have a 2 year old. We make good money, have a nice house, nice cars. We have a pretty good life. We don’t argue on social media. Not that we don’t argue ever but it’s rare and we don’t put our business in front street. One of the few ‘issues’ we have is that neither one of us is the others ‘type’ physically. Now we have a great sex life, but neither one of us would have given the other a second look if we were strangers walking down the street. He’s short and bald and hairy. I’m fat, pushing 250lbs and 5’5.

Also, we’ve been TTC baby 2 and I’m in the two week wait hoping for a BFP.

Back to the meme. It’s of a little overweight girl in the back of a cart at the grocery store and it says ‘this is why carts be fucked up at Walmart, get her big ass outta here’

The rage that this body shaming meme of a child, that not only resembles me but resembles my possible daughter, that washed over me was immediate.

I immediately brought it to my husbands attention. And he laughed at the memory of it. I got so mad I cried. Through years explaining how that will live on the internet forever and things like this are why fat people like me are paid less, treated terribly, have eating disorders and kill themselves. He completely dismissed what he perceives to be an overreaction.

So tell me Glow, is this just a funny meme? Or harmful and awful? Or somewhere in between and I’m pregnant and the hormones are already effecting me?

Let me know!

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