My Horror Story

Beccabay • 💗Fable Paige Marshall💗▫️August 5th 2019 1:13pm▫️5lb 5oz▫️18.25inches 🥰

Preeclampsia is honestly quite scary, especially when it comes out of no wheres.

August 1st i woke up with my entire bottom half swollen, like any first time mother i went to someone about it. And by someone i mean my mother. She took my blood pressure and it was high, we retook it bcz i was in the middle of a triggered panic attack. I calmed down for 10 mins and it was still high. We kind of brushed it off and went on with our day.

The next day i scrolled through facebook and i saw a girl in similar situation and people in the comments then mentioned preeclampsia. I knew what it was due to one of my friends having it with both her kids, but I didn’t know the symptoms. I then went down stairs to check my blood pressure to see if it was still high, yep still high! I texted my mother and she said to call my midwife.

I called my midwife then they told me i must come into the birthing center to be evaluated. I then started to freak out and cry. I called my aunt to take me bcz my mother was at work.

Once we got to the birthing center, i did everything you would do going in getting evaluated. Pee in a cup, check my blood pressure, monitor contractions and baby’s heart-rate, and got iv fluids after taking my blood.

It felt like hours of waiting for results back. I showed up at 6pm and got results at 8pm. I had preeclampsia.

They waited until midnight to induce me bcz i would be exactly 37 weeks at midnight. I was put on pitocon and they put a tape thing up near my cervix. After inducing me my cervix opened up to 1cm. The next day it was still at 1cm 😓. The midwife then told me that they were gunna try a balloon catheter to force my cervix open, and a pill to soften my cervix.

Finally 5cm! But i was also 5cm for 2 days. The next morning around 6am they ruptured my membranes or broke my water in other terms. “It’ll kick in half an hour” tht kicked in 2 mins later and i needed epidural right away!

Waiting for my epidural, i asked for something else for pain bcz i was in tears and couldn’t wait. They gave me a dopey drug (cant remember the name) but they gave me it before to check my cervix and relax me bcz i would squirm while checking me. A few minutes later the epidural came in.

After the epidural was all set up, i fell asleep bcz of that dopey drug plus no pain due to the epidural.

I was in active labor for 8 hours! Finally my cervix was at 10cm! I was ready. I was so done with this horrible pain!

I had my baby girl Fable Paige Marshall on August 5th, 2019 at 1:13pm, weighing 5lbs and 5oz and her length was 18.25inches.

I was so happy to finally have my baby girl in my hands. As soon as she was in my hands i felt no other pain!

After though my preeclampsia got worst and my body still thought i was pregnant. I was placed on bp meds i was in the hospital for a whole week. But im gld me and Fable are healthy 💗