Sorry for those who are sick of seeing my posts, but which outfit is best for family photos? They are today! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Kelly • Beautiful baby girl born in August 2018!! 💞

Top photo is my daughter's outfit. Hubby will be wearing one of the polos in the second pic (white dress pictured for color reference).

Which of the four outfits below should I wear?? I originally wanted dress "A" but the panels look so yellow in sunlight. They blended so much better indoors. Nothing like last-minute decisions....

Thank you ladies!!!

White dress with ivory lace panels 👇🏻

White eyelet dress 👇🏻

White dress with navy accents 👇🏻

Bad photo but top is navy, and pants are white skinny jeans (stretch fabric) 👇🏻

Better pic of the top

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