Relationship with depression

So my love thinks he’s not capable of being in any relationship with anyone since he’s so introvert and keeps withdrawing into himself.

Probabaly about half the time he’s struggling and trying to stay away from regular social life because he just can’t bare being with other people, barely even me. He’s not asocial, he’s extremely likeable and a very appreciated friend by most people of all sorts. He’s just discretely depressed big part of time and don’t want to engage in anything that has to do with other people.

Me, I’m very extrovert and want to talk most of the time. You guys see how that clashes when he’s in his depressions?!

I never know if I shall snap him out of it or leave it be until he comes out if it himself. He keeps trying to break up with me because he doesn’t think he’s enough for anyone.

He broke up with me again after a fantastic vacay week together, for the same reason as above. He misses me but not the feeling of being incapable of nurturing another person in a relationship. Those things keep coming from himself - not from me!

Should I just stop trying to get him out of it and give up too?

We’re so fucking great together when he’s not in his low periods!! I think we’re worth it and I’m prepared to deal with it, but will that ever be enough when he’s not?