'It will be you next...'


This fatal words it will be you next. Why do people feel the need to say this???

Been TTC for 7months now and nonluck yet. After 15 years on the pill my period is finally regualr after stopping and have been for the last 3 months, but no such luck.

My best friend has not long had a baby and just told me she is pregnant again (not intentional) I feel awful as she didn't wanna tell me as she knew how much I wanted to be pregnant and even worse that I'm pleased for her but not as pleased as I should be as I can't help but wish it was me! Am I a bitch?

It's like at weddings when people say it will be you next... no it clearly won't 6 years later and leaving my entire life to move across the country and that's still not enough?? I know i sound really jealous and I am but I'm pleased for people to I just don't understand why it's never my/our turn with anything 😩

Am I just full of self pity??