How do you cope with online jerks?

So me and my husband have moved to a new country a couple of months ago, it's different from where I'm from, different people, culture, landscape everything, but that's okay because we have traveled alot and met with many people from all over and we can adjust to any new environment.

the city that i live in is big with a high number of immigrants from all over the world, so it's awesome.

I followed a few local news pages on social media, and whenever there's news about my ethnic group or religion i see tens of comments from locals saying all kinds of terrible stuff about us, there are many comments of locals defending us too but those negative comments are bad enough to ruin my mood and day, and i end up getting paranoid that someone would do something offensive or aggressive to me, or that if i finally found work that i would meet those people.

Everytime i read a bad comment i go to their profile and see how they look, they all look like normal and nice people but they are so full of hate behind their keyboards. Can you please give me an advice ?