My Ex-Bestfriend. Help ?


I met this guy in late September of 2018 (grade 10). Well call him Frank. We became really close friends very quickly as we had a lot in common. Frank and I dated for about a week in October which was great because it was like I was dating my best friend, but he broke it off because “his mental health went to shit” and he “thought I deserved better”. He nearly killed himself in front of me. Frank started dating a new girl 3 days after we broke up and they dated for about a month and a half before she moved away, Frank and I didn’t speak the entire time they were together. Not long after that Frank got really close with one of my other best friends so Frank and I got close again. We talked for hours daily and I started to like him again, I had my best friend back and I was happy. But then he started dating a new girl (I’ll call her Kaitlyn) which was fine at first, I had no problems with her when we first met. It didn’t take long for Kaitlyn and I to hate each other. We act friendly to each others faces but not when we’re not with eachother. We’re pretty much frenemies. She talks shit about me about me all the time to Frank and all her friends, she’s even punched me in the face twice before. Because we didn’t like eachother my friendship with Frank got fucked up again. He unadds or blocks me on snap all the time then we’ll hangout cuz we have mutual friends and he’ll add me again. But it doesn’t take long for him to block me, again. He acts like he hates me most of the time, but usually only when Kaitlyn is around. Me Frank and 3 of our mutual friends all hungout tonight and it was fun. Kaitlyn wasn’t there as she had work. It was like old times before he started dating Kaitlyn, he even added me on snap again and we were talking pretty much from when I left his house (1030pm) until around 130am when he randomly stopped responding. I liked talking to him because he was talking to me the same way he used to, when we were best friends. I assumed he stopped responding because he fell asleep and didn’t think much of it. My best friend who was spending the night wanted to talk to her bf about something serious, he was spending the night at Franks. We decided to call him and try to wake him up. Frank picked up even though it wasn’t his phone. It was fine, me, my best friend and Frank talked on the phone for about 5m when we heard a girl whisper “just put her on do not disturb”. It was Kaitlyn’s voice. I excitedly said “Kaitlyn?!” So I could say hi, because were typically friendly towards eachother just not behind each other’s backs. As soon as I said her name there was 20s of silence and then Frank hung up the phone.

I don’t know what to do because I’ve had feelings for Frank since we first dated in October. I even had feelings for him when we didn’t talk for months. Which is bad because I have a boyfriend now who I also really like. I know that Frank and won’t get to be together because we’re both taken but the small hope is always in the back of my mind. I at least want to be able to be friends with Frank. When he’s around Kaitlyn though, it’s not the same. He talks to me like he hates me again. But as soon as she’s gone it’s like we’re back in December. Kaitlyn doesn’t deserve him whatsoever. They fight all the time and She has cheated on him multiple times (flirting with other guys, sending other guys nudes, telling other guys she wants to smash) and there’s been a few instances where my friend group even had proof and showed Frank. He’ll confront her about it and theyll fight But then he’ll forgive her because they’ve been together for over 6 months now. It’s like he knows it’s true but refuses to actually believe it. He loves her but they’re not good together, everyone sees it but them. Their relationship is toxic yet they stay together and idk I just miss my best friend but there’s nothing I can do about it. :/