I don’t even know if it’s the right group but I’m just fed right up

Okay so my MIL goes above and beyond for her two other grand children. She sees them multiple times a week and puts zero effort into my 8 month old despite my constant attempts in asking to meet up so she can spend time with her. My step son (8) And nephew (just turned 1) all went out with her to the park today and did lunch at her house, i had no invite and seeing all the pictures of my stepson and his cousin on Facebook is rather annoying because my daughter is NEVER included she makes sure she goes through my stepsons mom so she doesn’t have to do stuff while he’s in our care. I’ve always been nothing but nice to this women so I don’t get why... whenever she does come over she barley even glances at my daughter. The only thing she’s said is that MY daughter looks exactly like my step son and he looks exactly like his mom. She went on and on about that for months. All these “get togethers” with her two other grandchildren are hurting to me for my daughter because I know she’s going to grow up treated differently and I’ve mentioned to my SO how this affects my feelings towards his mom, how it’s not fair that she does all these things for her two grandchildren but doesn’t include us and he just can’t see it because his mom can never do anything wrong in his eyes. Am I wrong for feeling badly about this? This isn’t the first time and it’s a constant thing, she doesn’t even respond to my texts when I ask her availability for the week to plan to meet up so she can visit with my daughter then will call my SO and go on about her day with the two grandkids and all the stuff they did ect. I’m too the point where I just could careless about this women and move on with my life and not include her in anything from this point on. I’d rather my daughter not be treated less than than have a grandma who treats her differently than the other children and grow up wondering why she isn’t loved the same.