What annoying things/habits do your significant others have?

Mine leaves a mess everywhere. Wrappers from cheese, candy, plate and fork. Dirty clothes all over the floor. Leaves laundry in dryer for days. I take it out fold it and he leaves it all on top of the dryer. Every time he cooks leaves his mess behind and all the dishes he used. Then if I say anything, he says well I cooked you guys clean, meaning me and my kids. Dog had an accident in the house today streaks all over the floor and he left it all there for when I got home. Rather pay $850 monthly into his car payment then sell it and spend time with me and my kids. Cuz he wouldn’t have to work so much. Is this normal? I know there’s no perfect relationship, but really? He doesn’t want me to get a dining room table and hutch because the dining room is where the dogs have their recliners and where they sleep. There’s nothing else in that area except recliners and a crate and their food and water.