39 weeks pregnant and husband quit job without talking to me first

I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant with our third child. My husband has a history at getting bored at jobs or not liking authority figures so he’ll constantly quit jobs and get new ones every 18 months which is a huge worry for me. We have a son with disabilities who requires specialized care so I’m a home full time to care for him, my daughter and I’m 9 months pregnant. 18 months ago he took an awesome job he loved and made $100,000 a year. We finally had a savings, bought a house and were in a good spot. Today he text me at 39 weeks pregnant, told me he quit his job with no notice because his boss annoyed him and that he just took a job with his friend that pays $40,000 a year. A $60,000 pay decrease. He told me this over a damn text message. Didn’t even talk to me first. We will now be living off of savings until that money is gone and will struggle to make ends meet. He’s already verbalized he doesn’t want me to work because our son is non verbal and he is afraid he would be abused in day care. What the hell do I do? I can’t stop crying. How could he do this to our family and be so selfish? Opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. He’s currently pissed at me and said he’s going to his friends house until late because I told him I didn’t agree with this decision and that I’m upset he made it without even talking to me first. I wish I didn’t have to be this stressed so close to giving birth 😩 What would you do?