Help! Hand sucking does NOT soothe my LO!


Hi mamas! Looking for some advice because Google is failing me. I have a 19 week old girl who is OBSESSED with her hands, which is fine! I have no issues with it; I think she may be teething, so I let her have at it. The problem is this: she’s still sleeping in the Snoo and we need to start transitioning her to a crib soon as she’ll be going to daycare in about a month when I return to work.

She started breaking out of the Snoo sack (arms up through the neck hole) about a month ago, which would make me believe she wanted to start getting out of the swaddle mode. But the issue is her hands do NOT soothe her. She will suck on them and rub her face literally until she’s screaming for help rather than sleep. We had to resort to swaddling her arms down within the Snoo sack just so we could all get some rest!

I’ve tried the Nested Bean Zen sack, the Magic Merlin suit, and the Love to Dream 50/50 swaddle at this point and the issue lies in those darn little hands! Anyone have any experience with a babe who is obsessed with their hands but unable to actually soothe themselves with them? Maybe she just isn’t ready to transition yet and that’s the answer, but I’m starting to get really nervous about making sure she’s ready to nap in a crib at daycare