How would you handle this?

One year after the abusive relationship he’s still all I think about. He’s moved on to a girl that looks like me and recently got the same car as me... my heart still longs for him. Throughout this whole time he’s been doing things to make sure I don’t get over everything.. I think why it’s been a big part on why it’s so hard for me to forget him. He was my first love, kiss, & I lost my virginity to him I’m 21 with a huge heart. I took care of him the best I could given that he was my first for everything. He is 8 years older than me... I would drive him around give him money and take care of his sons.. whole time he was cheating on me. The first time he hit me I left. I think he’s happier with her now.. he moved on so fast... I’m left to pick up the pieces. I wish I could forget him 😞💔