My husband Andy go to bed last night and our baby has been sleeping about two hours soundly. About an hour later he wakes up for a feed, normal. And then we hear him wiggling all kinds so we put his pacifier in. He’s still wiggling and spits it out. Next thing we hear, he’s laying there wiggling and babbling to himself and blowing bubbles!! Just like it’s the middle of the day and he had a nice nap😩

He’s up for like an hour and a half because we wanted to see if we lay there quietly in the pitch black he would get the hint and sleep. Nope!

My husband gets up and rocks him for half an hour and he sleeps until he’s laid back in his crib... then I get up and feed him(bm in bottle) and he goes back to sleep. I think he slept for two hours and then he’s up again babbling.

Whattttt is this??? What can we do?

Do we get up each time to go rock him or let him lay there to see if he goes back down? He’s 4 months