We are about to a bad decision


Over the weekend we an orphaned and scared baby squirrel. We brought home with us and looked for a wildlife rescue that would take in Pecan (yes we named him 😂) and take care of him and raise him! Well we had gone to petsmart because on Monday (yesterday) my parents were coming to our area for the week and I really needed to clean my carpets without paying a ridiculous amount of money for a carpet cleaner. Petsmart lets you rent them for 24 hours. There was a shelter in the back displaying their dogs and well we sorta fell in love with this one puppy. She was the sweetest thing ever and she let us hold her as if she was a baby. Her paws were small so we knew she wasn’t going to grow very big. We put in an application for her! We already have 3 pets (1 dog and 2 cats) and we know we shouldn’t get another but the connection was so strong! We’re leaving it up to faith. We’re going to wait to see if we can get a call back (they have to schedule a meet and greet with my current pup). If by Saturday nothing, we will call and see if she’s there.

God probably looking down on us like “you want this baby or you want the dog?” Why can’t we have both Heavenly Father 😂😂