I have to have surgery today.... UPDATE BELOW

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I get 18 teeth pulled out today, I'm 22 years old and have to get dentures.

I'm sitting here at 8:53 am, starving because I cant eat.. Waiting for 10:30 am to come so I can leave for the surgery.

I'm going under IV sedation, pretty nervous for that because I 100% wont be asleep, but mostly. I'll post pictures of before and after if yall would like, and if anyone would like to ask questions.

I also want to make a note for the keyboard warriors...

NO, I DIDNT DO THIS TO MY TEETH. I did take care of them, but I have a bone deficiency and gum disease. My mom was also given medicine when pregnant with me, to help stop early labor that made me have bone issues...


I'm still sore, and struggle smiling because the teeth are big right now due to swelling and so many stitches because I bled alot.

I cried a lot the last 2 days, today is 8/29, surgery was 8/27. I think its hitting me hard that I've had to go through this at 22. I dont want anyone looking at me different and my moms bf literally just stared at me this morning and ran into something because I guess he was focusing on my mouth. I broke down and cried, he hasnt spoke to me since. Which I'm fine with. 🤷‍♀️ more people dont look at or talk to me differently the better. Right now I can only eat pudding, mashed potatoes and liquid soup. I have the appetite of a grown man so not being able to eat a cheese burger or chili cheese dog( my fav) is killing me lol. Hopefully soon I can eat at least macaroni and I'll be happy again. If yall have any questions, ask away I will be more than happy to answer.

Picture below, I know I'm swollen and look like a chipmunk lmao