I'm concern

Have anyone with a child attending school that have autism been concern that the teacher might be neglecting their child?

My daughter started school yesterday, she have several meltdown causing for a meeting with the teacher, special ed teacher, principal, assistance principal and 2 other. In the meeting, I explain what mostly agitate her and how to deal with it. She hit the teacher twice which is a problem.

We explain in the beginning she does hit if agitated and if someone hit her, she would hit back. She is non verbal but recognize her alphabet, number, color and most photo. She just dont talk.

My husband stated I worry to much and thats how she act when I leave her. She realize her classroom today but after she saw the assisant principle ahe started crying. Why would she do that?

She be seen twice a week for speech she love her Tuesday speech but on Friday she cry. Its two different lady for those day.

I have told her many time its not right to hit other. She recently picked up this behavior. Again she only do this when agitated or a way to defend herself. She does hit me sometime but once restrain until she calm.

Today I'll ask what can cost her to cry and refuse a person. To me that person have done her something and since she cant speak she is crying to tell me no mama stay. Right?

Again have anybody been a situation that made them feel worry? Are am I over thinking the situation? My mom in law told me to buy a cam but I feel like against school policy.