Am I wrong for being pissed?

My husbands sons live 2 hours away. Our baby is 5 weeks old and we decided we would go ahead and go down so he could cut their hair and so they could see their sister. She did amazing going, during the stay and on the way back. Well, my MIL failed to mention on the phone hours prior that she had been sick. When she showed up she said she cleaned all day and disinfected because she had been sick but only has a cough because of congestion now but no fever so she isn’t contagious. I know she was excited and wanted to see her but it pisses me off that she hid the fact that she was sick!!! She still held her, I didn’t want to be a bitch since she said she wasn’t contagious anymore. Well she ends up texting me that she has acute bronchitis and was checking on baby. I’m getting conflicting answers on whether or not acute bronchitis is contagious. She says it’s not but I’m still freaking out! To top it off my daughter just projectile vomited all over herself, me and my bed lol but she’s been having tummy issues so I’m not going to blame my MIL for that lol. Am I over reacting???