WEIGHT LOSS , and the changes due to it.

Sally • I'm on here for calculating my period. I'm 25, love dancing, music, and food. I work as a chef🔪🍋 Robby holds my heart❤️🌹2020🌹

I’m so proud at how far from my depression and suicidal thoughts I’ve come. I’ve learned and broke down those mental hardships that caused my weight gain for the past two years.

2011 my mother committed suicide. Since I’ve struggled through hell and back mentally. My mother had years of fluctuating weight gains and losses throughout years of her life, weighing 360+ lbs. It took a toll on her to where I’d hear her crying upstairs in her room when she’d weigh in to find she’d gained a few pounds. After she gave up and committed suicide i went from actually trying to commit suicide two different times to seeking help, losing weight, and hope for my marriage next year.

I took up a job that has me walking 9 miles everyday four times a week outside. This is the outcome of cutting back my calories, seeking therapy, walking, and drinking tons of water to flush my system.

Losing weight is NOT EASY! I understand the struggle. Turn the pattern of unhealthy past generations and see the ability you have now. What can you do for yourself NOW to make a positive difference??