Not producing milk


Im 4 days postpartum. And have not been able to breastfeed my baby yet because im not getting anything out. And by anything i mean literally nothing. My baby had problem latching at first so nurse suggested nipple shield and he had good latch with that. But he got frustrated because he wasnt getting anything. So then i had detailed talk with lactation consultant at the hospital while i was there. She suggested pumping , stimulation n every other possible thing. I have tried everything but still im not seeing even a drop. This is my second baby. With first my colostrum started coming next day of delivery and now its 4 th days and im not seeing even that. Just saw 2-3 clear drops couple of times after alot of pumping. With my first she had problem latching too and she didnt latch even with nipple shield and i used to pump but only pumping wasnt enough to keep up the milk supply so after about 2 mo ths i moved her completely to formula but she got something atleast in couple of months from me. But this time its like everything is blocked. Im so frustrated because i want to have him atleast something from me even for just couple of weeks. Is there any chance of milk coming out now after 4 days of delivery. Im still trying but have no hope.