Baby fell and hit her head


Hey guys. I’m super worried about my daughter.. im probably over reacting but I don’t know.

My 11.5 month old daughter was walking in our kitchen (hard floor) when she slipped on something, fell, and hit the back of her head.

She was already sleepy when this happened but following she got tired pretty quickly (maybe from crying?)

I tried to give her a bath but she was so sleepy she could hardly stay awake.

So I nurse her to sleep.

An hour later she wakes up and doesn’t want to be touched or nursed.. I gave her Tylenol. My mom and fiance say that she is probably fine and just has a killer headache.

These are her only symptoms. She has no bump or red mark and no vomiting.

I’m wondering if I should take her to the er.

She is back sound asleep now in bed with me. I’m going to keep an eye on her all night.

I read that it’s not uncommon for a baby to react to stress or injury by being sleepy. I’m hoping this is the case. I feel so terrible. I know if I’m that worried I should probably just take her.... but I don’t freaking know. She is worn out and I want to let her sleep, not keep her awake in the er all night. I need help! :( :(