Feel like a failure and like I am drowning

I have sons who are 7 & 12 I also have been married 12 years! I work full time and also take care of my handicap father who lives in the town next to me I stop by when I get off work. My life lately has seemed like it’s falling apart and I can’t help but feel like I’m drowning. I have been super depressed and exhausted 😩 I feel like a failure as a wife and mother. My husband literally helps with nothing but income he has never helped me with the kids, he has never cooked, cleaned or anything at all he literally wake up goes to work and comes home goes straight to bed and waits for me to serve him dinner and then goes back to bed. I complain but I do love him it’s just that my kids have been acting out and getting in trouble so much at school and home. I feel like I am losing my mind he doesn’t help discipline them and yes they are his. He puts it all on me between everything going on I feel like a failure as a mother all I can do is yell I literally have no energy and I can feel myself getting more and more depressed. I was a young mother and I have worked my ass off to give my kids everything I never had. I am far from perfect and I try my best everyday to try and be a better parent then I had but right now with everything going on I feel like I have failed at everything in life 😢