I hate when people put other people down because of their job.

So me and my husband have this friend who is a manager at McDonald’s since being friends with her we have become friends with a few employees at that McDonald’s that we met through her.

We had a little bbq at our house about 20 people. 3 of them were our friends that work at McDonald’s. The rest are just friends we’ve known and their spouses. Everyone was in their late 20s to early 30s drinking eating having a good time.

I’m not sure how the conversation started I came up in the middle but one of my husbands friends was talking about something and said “they will probably go nowhere in life and end up working at McDonald’s”... they had no idea our other friends that were there work at McDonald’s.

I could see there faces looked pissed off and kinda embarrassed. So I jumped in and said “well I don’t care what someone’s job is all long as they are working and trying to support themselves instead of doing nothing”.

I then realized that friend might of felt like a was personally attacking them since they don’t work and live off their parents. Was I wrong to say this?