6 days late. BFNs and symptom spotting

Molly • TTC naturally after a successful IVF/ICSI cycle in 2015. Male factor infertility (low sperm count) FET planned for March 2020.

I know better than this. I've been on this app from the beginning and my ttc journey started in 2012. So I know how mentally draining it can be to symptom spot because I know I'm just paying closer attention and probably noticing things I normally wouldn't. That being said...

I am 6 days late.

I am STARVING and I eat and feel STARVING minutes after.

Boobs tender esp nipples

Headaches, nausea

Back and hip pain

Twingy feelings around uterus

Hyper emotional

Exhausted like don't want to move

I knew full well those are all pms symptoms too. But then why does it feel different and where is AF? Have gotten bfn the past few days. Ugh.