Am I being petty?

Ok so the back story...

My husbands brother lived with us for 6 months. He didn’t work, he didn’t clean up after himself, his dog DESTROYED my home, and he was lazy.

I worked a full time job and so did my husband. We got in so many fights because I was sick of paying for all of his brothers needs when he wouldn’t get a job. (He said he tried, but couldn’t find one... he is 27)

Well my husband assured me that he was only helping him with necessities such as food, hygiene products, and dog food.

Fast forward and long story short I find that our credit card has been used. Not only used, but maxed out.

Guess by who?? Right. His brother.

So finally he moves out and goes back to live with his sister. we’ve been on him about paying us back because SURPRISE I’m pregnant. He just bought a brand new car ($400 a month) and has a decent job so I figured it wasn’t too much to ask.

So tonight my husband and I are about to walk into the grocery store when his brother calls. He just applied for an apartment and needs to borrow $30. I immediately am shaking my head at my husband mouthing NOO. He looks away and says sure I’ll send it to you. I came unglued. I had to get out of the car so I would say anything.