Cut my hair ??? HELP!!

Starr • 💗

Before I would’ve neeeever cut it.. my hair grow sooo slow I swear it’s been at the same length since 8th grade. I used to straighten it every single day and I loved the look of long straight hair (still do) but now for the past almost 2 years I’ve been leaving it natural. Only straightened about once every 3-5 months. Having long curly(ish) hair is so time consuming and frustrating already and now my baby is almost here and I’ve just realized I’m gonna have no time to deal with my hair lol. Plus I’ve been trying to get my curls back from all the heat damage and cutting it would help a ton. Buuuut I feel like I’d look soo weird with short hair. I’m thinking just right below shoulder length..? Long enough to put up in a hair tie but still short.. should I?

Sorry that’s long btw didn’t expect to type that much 😅 been contemplating for months !!

Only pictures that show all my hair are in the mirror 😂😂! Tried to include as many that show my hair length and different styles as possible but my hair is literally always in a pony tail anyways 🤦‍♀️😂 so the all these are really old except the pregnant one lol.

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