ADVICE PLEASE. Guy best friend?

So I have a guy best friend that I dated two years ago for about for five months before we decided not to stay together. I got back together with my ex-boyfriend and we had a baby and then ended up separating. During the time that I had a baby, my guy friend was not in my life. We just started talking again about three or four months ago and he literally treats me like I am his entire world. He does everything for me, tells me he would spend every day with me and it wouldn’t be enough, loves my son, and so much more. However, when I told him I still had feelings for him and had a hard time accepting that we decided not to be together he just says that right now all he’s focused on is our friendship. Guys, it’s so confusing. What does this mean?? Am I reading too much into how he treats me? We literally talk every single day, we’ve had sex a couple times. I almost wonder if I’m just being played. What are some opinions on this??