My Baby Daddy’s Lil surprise

Lucy • Bay Area Mami👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💍

I was sitting at work, partially hungover and definitely hungry!! My husband dropped me off this morning at 8am and around 11:00am work has me going to a hair salon for an hour or so and the salon is closer to my house than my actual work place. As I’m texting my husband I tell him I’m just sitting there at work bored and I wish I was eating.. and he knows my schedule I’m always at that salon at 1 day out of the week at the same time.

He hadn’t replied to my text I sent around 20minutes and then he texts and says “WYD” this is our text..

He sends the picture and “WISH CAME TRUE” This is the Mexican restaurant in the same parking lot as the Salon. I was so excited I walked out and told work I’ll be back (my work is flexible) went to lunch next door and he brought our 8m.o son. And we had a nice yummy lunch, and I was a happy ass mama🤣❤️ even gave him some head in our car outside the restaurant before I went back to work🤫🤪


Because the recent comments I GUESS I have to explain to you all so that I don’t get judged... my 8 month son was in the backseat SLEEPING in his REAR FACING car seat..

and I did give my husband a lil head mostly as a goodbye kiss, just down n up 2-3times and so he’ll look forward to me coming home to fuck😫 I’m just a young wife trying to keep the spice in our love life up🥰🤪

Before we were married we got pregnant with our first born and we called each other baby mama and baby daddy then and still after we are married with 2🤣❤️ love my baby daddy/ husband and he still does sweet little things. Gotta love it 🥰 thx for reading! I just felt like sharing my special lil moment🤣 back to work I go👩🏽‍💻👎🏼