Risky power play

My husband and I have entered a new phase of out sex life where we are experimenting with power play, and a little bit of a breeding kink.

I really want to start a family, he knows this, but now is not the best time. If it happens, it happens, we wont be too upset. But he knows what I want and he has started using it against me...and I love it.

We have code words and signals, and we make sure there is plenty of after care and conversations about this outside the bedroom.

We've been playing around with hair pulling, light bondage, covering my mouth/gag, and being rough. Now its morphing into him teasing me without a condom. He'll rub up against me, slightly enter me, and sometimes will give one or two good thrusts before grabbing a condom. Other times he will cum on me, Instead of in me

Outside the bedroom we agreed that condoms are 100% his responsibility. I will likely never stop to have him put one on, and any amount of sex without one is a-okay with me.

One night, we were being a little risky, going bare. He grabbed a fistful of hair and asked if I wanted him to cum in me. I moaned yes. He asked I wanted his baby, and I groaned yes. Then he smacked my ass and told me no. I dont get what I want. He held me down while he grabbed a condom, put it on, and fucked me until we both came.

I have never been more turned on. I love giving him that power, and he loves teasing me with it.