Baby is here!!


I didn't think it would be my turn to tell my story, but yet here I am!

At 3:40 on 9-2 I was laying in bed then I felt a small gush of fluid, unsure as to what it was I went to the bathroom to see if my baby decided to lay on my bladder or if it was something else. Well I don't think it was my bladder, so I sat there for a few mins waiting to see if anymore was gonna come out, so far nothing, I called L&D at 6am and explain to them what was going on, they suggest I come in and be checked. We get ready leave the house get to the hospital at 7:30am, they confirmed it was my waters, and by 8:30 I was admitted into the hospital, and told I'd be there until I have baby. The midwife comes in and I sign all the papers, by 9:30 they start pitocin, and IV fluids, I try and sleep from 9:30am to 12pm, small but not very strong contractions start. 12:00am I caved in and got the epidural, IV pain meds was not helping just making me sleeping. They got the epidural done and catheter in and on oxygen, so much relief, contractions got so bad  I cried with them. Counter pressure was not working. Back labor is no joke!! Finally got to a 5cm and 80% effaced. Flashforward to a hour later I'm dilated to a 9cm!!! 100% effaced!!! 

At 3:46am on 9-3-19 Tommy Lee-Wayne was born! I pushed 6 times and he was born! Had a 2 small scratches that my Dr put a stitch in both, just to make sure when I'm moving I don't make it bigger. Baby and I both are doing great. I couldn't be happier! He latched on great and has been enjoying feeding time!