Anybody else that doesn’t have a final date for their c-section???

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I just need to rant ladies!!! I’m just so frustrated with my clinic, i’m 36w3d today and i still don’t have a set date for my c-section 😩 they sent my booking paper last week for September 23rd to be the day and until now they said they haven’t heard anything from the hospital 😏 i know it’s not gna be the date until it’s final so it’s hard to give date to anyone who’s asking 😏 i’m already irritated moving my c-section from Saturday (Sept. 21st, 39 weeks ) to Monday (Sept. 23rd, 39w2d) cuz they don’t do c-section on the weekends unless it’s an emergency and 2 days feels like 2 months when you’re pregnant 😩😭 how about check on it and bug them so that they can approve it 😩 my husband’s work been asking about the date he’s going to take off but he can’t say anything cuz we don’t know anything for sure 😢 i was told they’re going to request it around 35 weeks and then 36 weeks and now i’m almost 37 weeks and still nothing 😭 i’m just so freaking tired of waiting for them to give me a date 🤬 they said i still have 2 weeks to wait anyways so just wait for their call like it’s that easy 😏 how hard is it to book a c-section??? if i don’t get the date by Friday on my appointment i’m gna loose it 🤬🤬🤬 i’m not in a hurry to have my baby i’m just mad that i do not have a date yet this further along 😢 and having the “final date” makes everything better i guess 😏 rant over!