It's okay to do yard work shirtless:


So... I'm out in my yard.... Wheeling the wheelbarrow around putting down more pine needles... And kinda pissed to see a dead spot in my grass.. after I told my husband to hold off on the weed and feed until fall because I just got that patch to grow back after pouring boiling water on an anthill that formed there last year

(but that's all irrelevant)

Anyways, here recently it's like every time I'm out in my front yard.. someone's just gotta come over and fuck with me

And some fuck stick, that doesn't even live in my cul-de-sac, walks up my driveway, while I'm throwing down more pine needles in my beds, minding my own business..and they are like "hi, I'm so and so.. and I stand up and I'm like hi, how are you, can I help you with anything? And they are like I live over on yadda yadda.. and I happen to see you out in your yard doing yardwork a lot.. and I'm thinking "here comes the soliciting pitch" but I'm like "ya, I'm in my yard pretty frequently.." and they are like "would it be okay with you to present yourself a little more modestly when you're in the front of your yard.. it's just that this is a family neighborhood.. and the way you present yourself when you're out here is a tad bit over the top... And it sends the wrong impression to the children in the neighborhood." And I'm like...well, now I don't even care about that dead spot in my grass.. because this person must be fucking joking

And just so it's clear here's what I was wearing:

(this was before I got everything tidied up)

I'm a mother and a wife.. it was well over 95° and extremely humid that day and my husband and child were in the garage fooling around with his tools while I was doing yardwork.. but I mean even in 75° weather you can find me in my yard shirtless,.. you can also find tons of males that are topless doing yardwork in their own yards. However, from my observation over the years that we've lived here... I'm one of the few people that actually do their own yard work on my street, and I'm absolutely the only female I've seen on my street and cul-de-sac that does yard work..

So, my question is: is it actually okay to do yardwork shirtless? When is it not okay to do yardwork shirtless? And when is it okay to tell a neighbor to "put a shirt on"

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