Ugh so torn

I interviewed today for a position I have waited all summer for- basically my old boss switched companies and told me she would contact me when she got in with them (I was only part time at the previous job).

So she called and I was excited she followed through with her promise. Only to find out that my new position would be about 2/3 the salary I was expecting (50k vs. 75k). I am currently a SAHM to a toddler- which is a full time job in itself. I am also finishing my masters degree. We need the money but I’m not sure if I want to kill myself and add a 40 hour work week for a job that should be paying about $25k per year more than it is... but then part of me feels I will regret not taking because of current financial stress- at the same time I don’t want to sell myself short? Maybe it’s back to the drawing board... wwyd?