I left


I broke up with him and left. My mom is donating a kidney in a couple of weeks, he took time off to come with. We asked his sister to let our dogs out, she refused. She is the only person who is able, as I don't have any family who is nearby, and neither does he besides her. She literally just had to go and put them in our yard. She is a stay at home mom, and her daughter is in school. She doesn't babysit or anything, she just is at home with friends all day. They do not like him going to my family things, they were upset he was there supporting me at Relay for Life, even though they know what Relay is and what it supports. I simply asked him to talk with family and ask why they have been treating me as if they don't want to help us out, and treating me like my things don't matter. He agreed, how they were treating me wasn't right. He called his dad, his dad was saying I'm selfish, causing problems in their family, that he never liked me other relationship etc. Which I am completely confused about, because I have hardly ever spoke to his dad because he will always walk off when I am standing there, he lives 3 hours away so I never see him anyways. He kinda always judged me for having my son due to a previous relationship. So maybe that was his way of holding it against me?! idk. I never spoke poorly of his family, just because I thought so high of them. His sisters and i snap chatted almostevery day, had play dates etc. He even asked them all, including his dad what they thought of our relationshop about a month ago, and they all said they loved us together. Only thing i have told him to do was ask them whyi was being treated the way I was. So after he agreed the way I was being treated wasn't right, he was to call his dad and find out why. After his dad said all of those things he then agreed to it?! Even though he said he wasn't sure why his dad was saying them. Then his sisters and family started following his dad. Even tho they just said they loved us a few weeks prior. I was done. Done with everything. Before this came about, a couple days before, he said he was going to get me a ring. I went and drove 2 hours at 2:30 in the morning to get my things. As I got there, his dad was was there!! He called to have his dad come to be there when I was there.

As I was talking to my famlky, they made me realize. His dad ran the family. The men made made decisions, the women followed and obeyed. Almost all the women didn't work because they had to stay home and take care of the kids, as well as their husband, and the house.the men can go out with friends but the women have to stay home. It all made sense to me. I didn't agree with how they were treating me, and I spoke up. and confronted the issue, and and to be treated better.

I am free.

My boyfriend and I had a early miscarriage early last month. It was very traumatic for me. I passed everything naturally, and bled for a long time. I understand people grieve different, and I totally respect that. But not even a week after, he says he wants to try for a baby, even tho be knows I'm hurting mentally and physically. I told him not for awhile as I wasn't ready. After I told him that, he would not stop touching me sexually. Or making inappropriate sexual comments. Fast forward to now, his comments has increased. And his actions have as well, such as constant touching even when told to stop (even in public?!?!) My sex drive is super super low, it's only been a month with everything with the baby. I told him that I'm not just a sex object. I told him sex isnt everything, and that there comes a time where we don't need to have sex every day or every other day

And he gets mad. Like MAD MAD. Like won't talk to me, look at me, nothing. He stays on his phone.

Another thing, he has been on his phone a ton, snapchat, facebook, Instagram, messanger, since the whole baby thing came about. He seems super secretive about his phone, he takes his phone with him everywhere. If I walk by, the screen turns off, but once I'm to the other side of the room, hes back on it. I have nothing to hide on my phone, he has my passwords, but I caught him trying to sneak and snoop thru my phone without me knowing, I walked in on him doing so, and he tries to act stupid and say he wasn't doing anything. I don't go thru his, so I dont know what his deal is. He even started going thru my phone in front of my dad. My dad was not impressed.

He is treating me like his maid who has to give him sex whenever he wants and to clean up after him. I am a SAHM because my son (from previous relationship) is autistic and is in constant therapies. I have to drive 2 hours out of town weekly for my son to go to his therapies and doctor appointments, so I'm not home a lot. When I get back from appointments, he comes home from work and leaves his trash, laundry, dishes out etc wherever he wants, and expects me to take care of it, as well as take care of my son and clean the rest of the house. He doesn't help clean at all.

My dad and other friends say run.

My mom says to work it out and that this is normal. What should I do? Is this not okay?

He is 25 years old. We have been together for almost 1 year