Mia finally back


I took a break for a few months does anybody else ever feel like that. I feel like when I’m trying I get so absorbed in every little detail the temping the ovulation sticks getting on YouTube and watching every DPO day possible and then you think it’s your month and then there’s that negative pregnancy test and then there’s your period. It just gets so overwhelming so I decided for me I needed to just take a few months from even trying I just needed to not think about it. Currently I am on day one of my fertile week I have used an ovulation stick today I am not going to temp and I’m just going to see where it takes me. If it takes me on a new adventure then I’ll be over the moon but if not I still have a little boy that I just love and adore and maybe he was the only one that was made for me and for me to be his mom. I hope everyone else is having all the luck in the world and baby dust to you all!!!