Forceful gush of pee or fluid... can’t tell.

I feel really silly but *38 weeks with 2nd baby & I Was induced with my 1st/water broken by DR.*

I Was 4cm dilated on Thursday & DR could feel water bag through cervix.

X2 today I went pee- not a lot came out. I’ve been having contractions & pressure for days on & off & feeling like my bladder is always full...

So after peeing I felt a forceful gush- honestly felt like baby just happened to press his head down in a moment & forced liquid out. - just 1 forceful gush each time.

Not sure how else to describe it 😂

Did anyone else feel a forceful gush?

Peeing or when water broke/started leaking-

Wondering if my fluid is leaking? Or if baby really did just nudge me as I was trying to relieve myself....

Still contracting on & off all day & feeling downright exhausted.