Advice needed please

I’m asking this here bc I have no females in my family About a week ago I was having some pregnancy symptoms (nausea, didn’t wanna eat, some foods I couldn’t stand the smell of) no sore boobs tho. Well after 4 negative pregnancy test I decided to wait another week thinking I might be testing to early bc I have irregular periods. Later that day my lower back starts hurting like nothing I never felt before and I started cramping on my right side of my lower belly but the cramps were not to bad. Next day I was showing and cleaning everything and I noticed small clots from down below but no blood the next day the bleeding was light and I was still clotting. The bleeding then got heavier and clots got bigger but the pregnancy symptoms went away right after it started. Now the clots come and go and the bleeding still gets light to heavy. I’m on day 5 of bleeding. If I need to go to go the dr do I call the OBGYN or family dr

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