So in my relationship currently we are struggling financially since my husband quit his job last December. at his job for 2 years the 1st year and a 1/2 was amazing he was making great money made 90000 the 1st year and a 102000 the 2nd year. So about July or August of 2018 he hit a very badd slump and basically we went from being comfortable to being completely broke. At that time we had a 4 yr old part time a 2 yr old full time and our daughter was due in September. So we make it to December he quits and it seems like a relief because he has a plan... him and a family member are starting a business the plan seemed great. But it was not well thought through or carried out and the business is not doing well at all. So here we are September 2019 and our rent is behind and has been behind for almost a year we had to move and it's behind at the new place as well... all of our bills are behind... we have to negotiate every month to keep from getting cut off we had been cut off a few times and he had asked family members for money which he always return the money I'm at a point where I can't take it anymore and the only thing keeping me in the relationship is not being selfish and taking the kids away from their everyday routine and seeing the people that they Love every day. I am not blameless in this situation I have been through Maybe 3 or 4 jobs since last year. Mostly because I got really accustomed to being stay-at-home mom so now trying to find a job that I'm not miserable going to every day is a struggle and it's really hard for me to just say do this for your kids when everything I do is for them. Even if I quit a job I make sure to have another one by the next month but I'm really just ready to be out of the relationship. Because if I'm gonna struggle this much I want to be alone I don't wanna continue to live with him his mother and brother with 3 kids in a 2 bd house were all struggling at the same time looking crazy. But I'm not financially in the position to move out and make sure my 2 children are OK and afford child care and work a 40 hour job because realistically I would need to work 70 hours to be OK. I don't know if I'm just ranting or looking for advice or opinions or both but I need something I don't have friends I just have too much life going on and too much drama to involve other people.