My best friend talks to someone I liked


Guys I need to know if I’m in the wrong. So my bestfriend and I got in an argument. So a couple of months back, there is was this guy named Jason. I thought he was so cute and we started texting back and forth. So time passes and she tells me that Jason is cute! (I hadn’t told her how I felt about him so she didn’t know) so when she tells him she thinks he’s attractive i tell her that me and him had been talking and she doesn’t say anything. As me being respectful and not wanting to get a guy between us I stop texting Jason you know? Time passes and we’re hanging out and she tells me “guess who I went on a date with” I start guessing all these names but eventually she tells me she went out with Jason! She didn’t care about my feelings and what I thought about him you know? Versus me how I stoped talking to him because my best friend liked him. I don’t care that it was him it’s just she knew how I felt and didn’t care. Am I wrong? I told her how I felt and she turned around and blamed it on me. Saying she told me about him first! Even if that was the case you don’t do that. I would never talk to someone that she likes. Idk am I over reacting ? And the craziest part is that the guy did her so wrong. She got really hurt and I was there for her of course but I guess that’s karma. What’s your opinions?