I hate to say, but the suicide helpline is bullshit!

I am feeling particularly sad and a little suicidal.. so I called the helpline, all they did was give me resources that I’ve already tried.. I specifically told her i have kids so I would never, I just want to talk to someone.. she threatened to call CPS on me! I expressed I am just stressed out and have no one to help with my kids.. she repeated the same resources.. I’ve already reached out to every resource I have, since I’m homeless over a domestic violence case.. I thought by calling someone would just talk to me.. I wouldn’t actually do anything but I needed my feelings to be justified.. instead I felt like a criminal.. the hotline does nothing.. they don’t help you feel better, they make you feel worse.. I called because I thought I would get clarification on my feelings and a person helping me to understand what I was feeling, instead I got “well I have these resources” the ones I already reached out to and “ I’ll have to do a welfare check” when I never said I was going to do anything.. I said I’m sad I’m feeling this way, I thought I could call and talk to someone about this! So never again will I reach out!