Getting back with an ex?

So I broke up with my bf almost a month ago. He cheated on me. He says he was blacked out drunk. He didn’t even remember the night. He says all he remembers is getting to the party and having some drink and playing some party games(ex. Beer pong, kings cup etc) and that’s the last thing he remembered. Then he woke up the next day at home. So he ended up finding out about what he did because the girl told him a few days later. He then told me the next day. He was devastated. I broke up with him. He would send me flowers and kept calling and texting for about 2weeks after until I finally told him to stop and leave me alone for a bit. He promised me that he won’t drink like that again. He says he knows he fucked up and it willing to do anything. I told him that I need to let myself heal. I told him that I need to work on me for a bit and that he needs to work on himself. I’ve noticed that he deleted his Twitter and has deleted all his pictures on instagram and just left one picture and that picture is his mom.

So it’s been about a month and I still really miss him. He is my best friend. I never would of thought he would do this because he was so obsessed with me. I always felt like his #1. A part of me wants him still, still wants my best friend back and the other part of me doesn’t because of what he did. Idk I’m just confused. We been together for 2 years. We been though so much together. His mom passing of cancer, my mom cancer scare, from having $0 to having the jobs we always wanted. Idk we been through hell and back together.