Being mindful of internal struggle


Being the outsider of a situation is completely different than feeling the struggle and so often it’s easy to forget. I started writing again as I went through something with someone I know I should have left a long time ago. But it took me 1.5 years! And some people maybe it’s longer and maybe still a struggle.

Poetry and music are my outlets and this was the battle I faced. The poem is called ‘A Battle Between Heart and Mind.’

It was a battle between heart and mind

The mind wanted to walk away

The heart wanted to stay

Using the power of blind love

The hopeful heart prevailed

Until one day it changed

The more the heart would break

The more the love was chipped away

The heart became weaker

The mind grew stronger

Eventually the heart gave in

The constant pain was too great

It broke down and asked the mind

“Please, just find a way.

Please rid me of this pain”

And with a heavy heart

The sound mind prevailed.