crazy question

I miscarried last year in november. me and my fiancé stopped ttc after. he shut down about the whole idea of another baby and i was worried about loosing another one so i didn’t question it. my fiancé has decided after this cycle he wants to “try” but only for a month and i have been sitting on the idea for 2 months so i agreed. he said he wants to try for a month to see how he feels about ttc again and i’m okay with that. but he said he only wants to do it “twice a week” and i get to pick whatever days i choose. he wants to start off slow before we make an actual decision to really start ttc again. my question as crazy as this sounds, is what two days a week would be best for ttc ? the day before and the day after ovulation? or the day before and the day of ovulation? i don’t want to go crazy tracking again but i have a very hard time “going with the flow” and kinda want get decent days so i can at least say i tried if it doesn’t happen. i just need some advice on good days