Cheating fiance what do i do

So my fiance went to work tonight and he forgot his phone and I never went through his phone before I've never had that feeling to do it except for some reason tonight something told me to I'm 8 months pregnant he wants to get married and I wanted to make sure boy I'm glad I did I found him talking to other women talking to his exes telling women that I'm just his f*** buddy and I happened to get pregnant but we're not together that were just friends and we're going to co parent.. I'm so hurt when I first read it I couldn't breathe my stomach was in knots and I feel like I'm stressing my baby I had to calm down

I want to call him out so bad as soon as he get home I want to tell him to get his s*** and get the f*** out of my house now I don't know how should I play it.. I took pictures and videos of everything just in case you wanted to deny it.. my only thing is since I'm going to have my baby in a few weeks I have to quit my job I won't have any money to pay my rent I do not have any family or friends I'm completely alone he was supposed to take care of everything while I have the baby.. But no way im putting up with this.. I go out of town on Thursday and I do not want him in my house while I'm gone I need some serious advice ladies please help me out I'm so hurt

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