I'm letting him do it lol


My 11 year old son has decided to be a ballarina for halloween this year and I am so down to laugh my ass off all day !!

( edit - I wouldnt be laughing AT him really . It's just going to be different seeing him all dressed like that when I'm used to him in football gear . I love that he wants to do it . And if he wanted to dress like this all the time then I would support him 100000% percent . My love isnt based on what he enjoys . Hes an amazing person and that wont change based on what clothes he wears , activities he does, or who he falls in love with !! And I'm never the type of person to judge someone over things like that . If something makes you happy and it doesnt harm someone else , then why the fuck would I stop someone from being happy ? )

These are some of his ideas 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Edit :::

This is his outfit so far .. we decided on a top like that so he didnt have to deal with a like real leotard riding up and him having to pee . I'm gonna get him light purple tights and glitter and a wig or ballerina bun . His school parade and party is on Friday so I'll have a picture of the final outfit that day !! I'm so excited !!

Okay girls .. todays the day

Let me tell you how hard it is trying to do his hair and make up . Kid would not sit still . And his little brother was into everything . There will be glitter everywhere for a year now

So worth it .

And this is him normally