Spotting and clot during pregnancy

I recently just found out that I'm pregnant and i started spotting with some blood clots yesterday then i stopped bleeding and i woke up today I'm bleeding and have more blood clots but like only two dime sized ones no cramps nothing to indicate miscarriage I'm just curious if someone else has had this to I always get my period in my first month of pregnancy and never know I'm pregnant should I be worried??


I went to the doctor yesterday and she took a pregnancy test and said it was negative and I was really upset because she told me I had a miscarriage and then just took blood work didnt want to take an ultrasound but did a pelvic exam and said my cervix looked normal i had a miscarriage before and she said last time when I did my cervix was a big hole like I just given birth obviously then she pressed on my whom and it hurt like hell and said it felt like it could of been expanded and I went home upset crying but my belly kept having muscle spasms and movement so I took a test this morning and got a positive pregnancy test so idk what's going on iv had first trimester bleeding before with my last pregnancy so I think on Monday she will tell me my results and say it was a positive!! And I'll probably still be pregnant